Perfect Roof – 5 Types of Tiles that Don’t Heat the Environment


Choosing the right shingle tiles for your roof is not just a detail. After all, besides aesthetics, good coverage is essential for thermal comfort within the property. Knowing what shingle tiles do not heat up the environment. It is the first step in making a good choice.

There are different types of shingle tiles, as well as other solutions that provide beauty and a much more pleasant and cozy indoor environment. At Energy Roofing, know more about types of shingle roofs and shingle roof repair.

Keep reading to learn how to choose the best tile for a perfect roof.


Types of shingle tiles that do not heat the environment

  1. Thermal tile

The thermal tile, also known as sandwich tile is one type of tile does not heat up the environment. Depending on the model, thermal insulation can be up to 95%, representing a drop of up to 8 in temperature.

  1. Ceramic tile

The ceramic tiles are another type of tile that provides good thermal comfort. Available in various designs, these tiles are widely used in construction. Although affordable in cost, ceramic tiles are heavy and need a good structure to support the roof.


  1. Concrete tile

Because of their low thermal conductivity index, they provide good thermal insulation.

Light-colored concrete tiles, however, are more efficient in terms of thermal comfort, because as there is no absorption of sunlight, temperatures do not easily rise within the building.

  1. Gravel tile

It has been showing a trend in projects and is more a type of tile that does not heat up the environment. It is a metal tile that is covered by a layer of ground rock, with ceramic treatment.

  1. Ecological tile

Besides being sustainable, it also provides good thermal comfort. Like concrete tiles, eco-friendly tiles have a low thermal conductivity index.