Entrepreneurship in the ORM Industry

In the era of digital dependency and virality, the term “entrepreneur” has surfaced as one of the most sought careers for young adults. What makes an entrepreneur though? John Molson School of Business in Montreal, Canada among other Universities has recently introduced an entrepreneurship program. The programs strive to enable young business prodigies with the resources and skills to manage a successful start-up. However, the one aspect that the programs cannot grant students is the “it” factor. What defines and individual who has the “it” factor, who will be successful, and what defines success?

Entrepreneurship in the ORM Industry

Managers at InternetReputation.Services significantly disagree with the idea that entrepreneurship, drive and sales skills can be learnt. Especially in the ORM industry, online reputation management sales require individuals to spend a lot of money that they sometimes do not have. Therefore, convincing them using the “gift of the gab” is among the many necessary skills that InternetReputation.Services Business Development must have. The company is strongly of the opinion that this cannot be taught.


Interestingly, there is not much space for entrepreneurship in the online reputation management industry as there is for intrapreneurship. Most leading reputation management agencies like InternetReputation.Services have been founded by pioneers of the web search industry. Individuals that are have been in the industry have noticed the patterns of how Google’s algorithm has changed over time and more importantly, these individuals can anticipate the challenges to come. Therefore, the industry is strictly successful for individuals that know and understand the nature of the work. “Entrepreneurs” that have only been performing SEO or related services for a couple of years often to not execute good work.


Historically, entrepreneurship existed in a different form. At the beginning of the industrialization period, there was not much opportunity for businessmen to risk their money in hope of profit. Gradually, entrepreneurs were the men and women and invested their money into the stock market. Today, investing one’s own equity into an enterprise (often technology based/reliant) is a risk. There is no guarantee that that money will grow or be profitable. Unfortunately, that money is often lost and can never be retrieved.


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