De-Clutter Your Home and Clean It with Handy

Not sure what your Handy New Year’s Resolution should be? Here’s one that can have a firmer impact than you may foresee: De-clutter your home. Your space should be your own personal oasis free of distractions. Yet studies have shown that piles of clothing and objects in visible sight can result in consistent depression and anxiety. That’s why we highly recommend that you hire regular help to clean your space—your kitchen counters can accumulate harmful bacteria which can infect your food more than you know. Handy is the perfect opportunity to solve this issue as they allow you to schedule your cleaning service for as early as the next day.

How to Best Clean Your Home

While Handy can take care of your weekly cleaning needs, you must take it upon yourself to purge your unnecessary belongings. Over 2,000 items are visible in your home’s most popular rooms—this includes the bedroom, a place where you are supposed to find calamity and serenity as you fall asleep. This is why you need to challenge yourself to regularly purging your home of items that hold little value to you. For some, this is an incredibly difficult task. Say no to hoarding this year by asking the following questions: Is this item a priority in my life? Do I find happiness from it? Is it necessary for the life I wish to portray?

Shed off those unrealistic expectations of yourself. You do not need to hold on to that sewing kit if you know you haven’t sewed a blanket or scarf for months. Is that old piece of clothing that you never go for in your closet really bringing you satisfaction? These items can go to better use for someone else, so why not donate it or sell it? Never ask yourself what you want to get rid of but rather what you love enough to keep. By this token, you’ll see that you’re hanging on to lots of objects that are nor useful or desired in your life.